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September 27, 2010

Today was the cut-off for my H800 ECA and fortunately I made it and submitted it yesterday evening. It was a hard piece of work, and let me tell you H800 is a very interesting, but also very demanding course. Initially I wanted to start my MAODE study with two other H-courses which already finished June as I had plans for vacation, but a course advisor recommended to take H800 first and told me no problem with vacations and it was an easy going courses. Honestly there was no easy-going, it was like riding a fast train who did not stop until today, and now I have to jump and catch the H808 train which is already far away and I just found out there is or should I say was a group work scheduled that will end in three days. Great, and it’s part of the first TMA. How am I going to manage that? It’s quite ironic that we read Kerawalla’s studies (2008/09) with students from the H808 course.

Well, it does not help to complain, but I will sit down and start reading and make the best out of it. I just wonder on what I will reflect for TMA01?  I think my peers will have enough to report, the one who showed up first at the very end and that collaborative work does not work this way, and I am sorry that I join in so late, sorry for my peers and sorry for me ;-), but finishing one course, working full-time, and doing another course H810 – haven’t done anything for this course either 😦   – is not easy. Well, back to work.

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  1. Hi sylvia,

    If it’s any consolation I did start on day 1 and I don’t feel any further ahead! I still have no idea what I am going to reflect on or which portfolio to use – though I have discovered zotero and mahara which seem to have a lot of potential- still no idea what to fill them with. Don’t despair you will catch up fast – good luck! Ps I agree h800 is v time consuming but u will find 30 credit module easier to handle

  2. Hallo Nathan,

    thanks for your comment, I still struggle to keep up with everything and unfortunately I am doing H810 as well and the first TMA is due 14 October. I used Zotero more to safe links, but not really as repository, though I have to admit I might not have grasped the full potential of Zotero. I started with Mahara a couple weeks ago and I guess I will go for Mahara, as it is the ‘classical’ eportoflio with the option to safe files, to build communities, to display your profile, etc. I used Dropbox as well, which I like, but its more or less just to store files and share them with others, I find that pretty handy, especially if you work with e.g. tools, as it syns automatically.
    Right now I am not sure if 30 credit modules are easier to handle. H800 required 12-15 hours weekly, which was far from enough, but H810 talks from the same amount of time, but this is ‘just’ a 30 credit module?! So let’s hope for the best.

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