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H810 – My role and context in education (A1.3)

September 28, 2010

Hallo everybody,

here some information about my role and context in education. Presently I am working in a vocational school, teaching healthcare classes, 10th grade and higher in full-time. Care of disabled person is one learning section I address, too.

I just learned that I thus work in  post-16 education. It is not easy to know all that phrases as our German system is differently structured and organized. I already know about HE and tertiary education, but post-16 was new to me.

I have no disabled students in my classes and the accessibility in our school, regarding all kinds of access (physical, online learning, etc) is pretty poor. For example do we not have a lift, and if a disabled student enroll in one class, then the class is located on the ground floor. Our school webpage for example is read only. I experienced this poor conditions on another vocational school as well, and accessibility provokes controversy discussions.

I worked for seven years in a boarding school for female students with a learning disability, but I am not sure if that fits the context. So my experience is pretty limited in this regard.

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