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H810 – Policy – own context (A5.3)

October 4, 2010

I work in a vocational school in Germany, with about 2800 full-time and part-time students attending our school. I would say less than 1% are students with disabilities.

Going through all the material and following up the discussions in our tutor group forum, I checked as well our school homepage  and I do not really find an indicator that it meets the W3C standards, but I haven’t thought about or VLE, we use Moodle if this complies to the standards, until you raised the issue Timothy. My own lack of awareness actually scares me and I really have to be more sensible about accessibility. I don’t want to push the fault to my institution, or someone else, but I think it might be an indicator about the attitude of a great extent of society. Disabled person are not visible and the problems lies in the disabled person (medical model), not the society, thus the institution feels not responsibility. Our school, that’s at least my impression, does not anticipate needs, but simply react when a disabled student want to attend our school.

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