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H810 – Reasonable adjustments in teaching and learning (A10.1)

October 4, 2010

I change my approach a little bit and instead of running constantly behind, though I am catching up, did I now jump directly to topic 10 (Teaching and learning) so I can discuss matters with my peers, instead of adding messages to forums that are not longer visited.

I found the suggestions in these resources covered the cases of the wheelchair user and the deaf student pretty good. But I have to admit that my awareness and that of my school about reasonable adjustments is pretty low, therefore was I impressed with the large number of possible adjustments that the OU page suggested, but like I said my own personal experience with disabled students is more than limited, so I am not really a benchmark to judge how good or bad the suggestion from the resources are, I can just repeat myself and admit that I have a lot to learn.

However, I think as each student, disabled or non-disabled, have different needs, thus complex situations may always arise which requires particular attention and staff (course team) have to decide whether or not they will make reasonable adjustments or not and advise a student with disabilities if a course is accessible or not.

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