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H810 – Funding – Sources of support (A9.1)

October 5, 2010

I am now working backwards through the course material. This time we were asked to find out what additional financial resources are available for disabled students in my context.

I found a lot of information about the kind of support, financial or practical, technical students are entitled to and that they are entitled to have a ‘personal budget’ ate their command so they can self-determine which type of support they require. However, though that sounds promising are there some down sides. I read e.g. that sign language interpreter are not always available, and the costs for support workers are not always covered. Financial support depends on the severity of the disability, but also partly on the income of the parents, or on the own income.

I am working in a vocational school and most of my students visit a class equivalent to 10th grade. My brief research revealed not much information and I would require a lot more time to find out what kind of financial support they are entitled, too. At this level students are still advised to attend special schools that foster according to advocates, best their needs. Although Germany signed and ratified the UN convention 2009 have students still no legal entitlement to attend ‘regular’ schools.

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