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H808 – My first and second impression of H800

October 6, 2010

Sitting over the subject reflection and learning all morning long, I think that is a kind of reflection as well, my reflection on H808. My first impression is somehow blurred and I have to admit I somehow did not manage so far to grasp the whole concept of H808, but I somehow have the feeling that with  each course that I take, it is getting more and more restrictive. I already dislike when another activity states write 500 words, but not more and of course not less. Is it my blog or not? And though I started blogging first with H800 and thought before that blogs has not particular value for learning, do I really love my blog and I lost most of my objections going public with my blog, but I don’t want to be pressurized with my blog , probably I don’t have to say 500 words about a subject or probably I have the feeling that I want to write far more regarding a particular topic. Didn’t we just read Phyllis Crème article and that it is somehow counterproductive to regulate and standardize too much, but I feel more and more patronised and it takes a lot of fun away. It is already unpleasant to run behind the whole course, having the feeling you never make it, always late in discussions, no response really from anybody, even if I comment on their blogs, which increase my feeling being isolated in the group and more an outsider, instead of being part of the group. Sure I know I made the decision finish my H800 ECA first, but shouldn’t there not a solution to avoid a temporal overlap between two courses. I heard from a couple H800 students who might have taken this course, but not with that intersection. Well, and I did not want to wait another year till this courses run again, delaying my studying even longer.

When I started with my Master studies, I somehow had the impression that I would gain greater freedom in my studying, and this impression was strongly conveyed by the course advisor which I spoke to, but that was and is absolutely not the truth. The truth is I feel to a far greater extend patronized here in my MAODE studies, than in all my BA courses which I all took with the OU. What about personalized, flexible online learning. Here is nothing flexible, everything has to be done in a certain time, certain format, and of course with the right word limit.  That stands in stark contrast to the readings, and to the philosophy that the OU wants to convey with this study.

Sorry for the rant, but I am really not satisfied with the situation right now and I am really working hard to catch up, normally around 4 hours each day (separated on my two courses), last Sunday I even worked 8 hours on the material, solely on H808.

Well, let’s be reflective and reflect on what I learned so far. One thing is for sure, don’t come in late, and instead of  ‘wasting’ time now writing this blog I should better sit over my next 500 words activity and write down how I would advise my students what constitute good reflective writing, but first I have to read the RLO-CETL approach and the contributions from my peers. Back to work 😛

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