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H810 – TMA01

October 9, 2010

Writing can be a challenge, too.  Having  just finished my ECA for H800, just two weeks ago, I am not really looking forward to write another assessment and the first TMA for H808 is due soon, too. I always admire those who sit down and simply write a TMA in one go, needing just a couple of hours. That’s definitely not me, writing a TMA needs ages. First I revise the material and I take notes, I think about the structure, and then I start. Days later, I have a draft which is normally at least 500 up to 1000 words over the word limit, so I have to edit and cut down words. Another couple of hours later, the referencing is done and luckily I find someone who proof-read my TMa and then I can finally send it out.

This time we supposed to write a report about the main accessibility challenges for disabled learners in my own context. Well, my main challenges are, first that I do not work right now with disabled learners, second my knowledge about legislation, roles and responsibilities and assistive technology is more than limited and I do not really know how to write a report. It will be a real challenge to write an assessment based on almost nothing 😉

Well, at least I solved on challenge, how to write a report as I found a useful page in the internet. I hope I will find some solutions for the other challenges as well.

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