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H808 – Personal reflection

October 12, 2010

You have to love it! I finally made my way to Unit 3, just to explore that I am having 2 days left to finish this unit that requires 30 study hours, spread over two weeks. Fortunately I almost catched up with H810 which I am doing as well, but time will be needed for the first TMA which is due on the 14 October, but fortunately I have an extension. That helps, but just to a certain degree as it means I cannot devote as much time as I would need here for H808.

So what does that mean for my personal and professional development?

  1. First of all, nothing good,  because I am not in time participating in forums and thus will not really get feedback as my peers move on. I miss important communication in the forum, not receiving any comments or feedback, nobody really addressing you in post, which is my fault, because I am constantly running  late, but it greatly increases my feeling of isolation.
  2. Second, it greatly impacts on my learner experience. Running constantly behind leaves me virtually breathless and I don’t spend as much time as required doing the activities which means I do not reach the depth of understanding and knowledge that I would gain when having more time and will probably badly impact on my assessments.
  3. Third, it is far less fun and I though the material and the topics are really interesting and I love to learn more about them, does this enjoyment greatly decrease when you are forced to do it late in the evening, after a day in school with demanding students, rushing home, preparing for the next day and then finally sit down and trying to get your head around ePortfolio systems.
  4. Fourth, I should stop complaining now and spend my time comparing two eportfolio or eportfolio-tpye applications.

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