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H808 – Understanding eportfolio software (Core activity 3.1 part 2)

October 14, 2010

This research about eportfolio software is really interesting. First, I  did not find out to much, guess my search was to superficial due to my lack of time. I still did not completely catch up my three week delay due to the H800 ECA , and my focus is more on  H810 because I have to finish  my first TMA, which was due today, but I have an extension. That all does not really contribute to my progress here in H808, though I really work hard for it. Today I am already working 2.30 hours and on Tuesday 4.30 hours, but I somehow seem to make no progress and being constantly late in the forum is quite frustrating  and requires a lot of energy to continue, although I think why should I post anything if I do not get any feedback anyways. Well, again I am complaining, so back to the eportfolio systems.

Doing a more advanced research revealed a lot of interesting information about Mahara and Google Apps. I learned e.g. that Google offers Google apps for business and for education, the last is free, your school have to fill out a form and then you (well the schools admins) can integrate it in the schools system. Both Mahara and Google apps has been launched 2006, the first in New Zealand and other from Google Inc. USA. Both are free, but Mahara is open source contrary to Google, though Google increasingly distributes the codes so administrators can customize it to their own needs.

But what completely amazed me was that Moodle, Mahara and Google Apps connect with each other.







My comparison table will be soon uploaded, but requires some editing first to make a little bit more sense.  It’s close to midnight and I call it a day, but this activity will be continued soon.

Bye the way, Google announced today that more than 10 million students use Google apps.

Good night.

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