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H808 – Recommending an eportfolio system (CA 3.2)

October 16, 2010

I just finished my comparison between Mahara vs. Google Apps and I am having my problems to recommend on one of the eportfolio (systems), mostly due to my lack of technical knowledge. I know what a SQL-Server is, I know a little about php, but though I think that is the kind of information that an administrator wants to know first, the technical requirements, security issues, etc. is that something I cannot rely recommend on. I just saw I video and read the description from Google apps, but haven’t used it yet, so I cannot really comment on it.

I use Mahara myself and made it to my H808 repository, but I created the account just recently and I haven’t really explored much of it. I agree with one of my peers that creating views is not as easy as some of Mahara’s guiding videos describe. At first the whole system is quite intimidating, even though I simply use the online version,  I was ready to give up, before I really started, but with a bit more patience, time and effort I created some views, one for H808. You might want to have a look.

I am working in a vocational school, teaching mainly students aged about 15 up to 18 years, and I can imagine that the whole system would be too much for them, well at least I assume that, but with a detailed introduction and enough support it should be possible and as this students enter soon the job market, presenting an eportfolio with a resume/CV could constitute a great advantage for them.

I think one of the main strength from Mahara is that you can create as much views as you want to varying audience, and that you can control access. Mahara is like a modular construction system that makes it pretty easy to create new views. I also like that I can import my wordpress blog account into Mahara and that I can use it as file repository, though that is more easily possible with e.g. dropbox, but that is simply a repository.

Here in Germany they greatly campaign Moodle for school use, and partly as well Mahara as it can be connected with Moodle. That would be a reson why I would recommend to use Mahara, though I found out that Moodle, Mahara and Google Apps also connect together, called GAHOODLE.

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PS. I am not sure if my report would be a convincing case for the fictional managers in an educational institution, and I guess I need to work on my 500-word reports 😉

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