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H808 – Personal and professional development planning PDP (CA3.4)

October 20, 2010

I found Stefani’s article interesting, especially the aspect that both students and staff were somehow reluctant to apply PDP, respectively CPD (Continuing Professional Development). But I completely agree with Stefani when she says that staff have to practice what they preach that students buy-in the concept of PDP. I somehow understand the reluctance, because I too find it particular challenging creating my own template for PDP.

My work as teacher on a German vocational does not require this kind of CPD, at least not in a written form, what the school administration requires is a schedule of activities for the whole school year, but that’s about all. Reflecting on the own practice is more or less up to the  individual teacher. So this is pretty new to me, not that I do not reflect on my work, but simply not in a written form. I had to first start studying with the OU to create my first template for PDP, great 😉

PS. I attached a draft of my PDP, I am not sure if I am going to use all categories, if I add or replace some. It would be great if someone could comment on it and I would be willing to give the favour back.



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