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H808 – First TMA

October 21, 2010

Positive thinking, don’t panic, I definitely need more time

that’s about my first impressions, now I had a closer look at our first TMA. It is really a hard way to become an eProfessional and sometimes I doubt if I am going to make it. I thought I am quite familiar when it comes to computers and internet, not really an expert, but at least above average to use the scale from the PDP grid. I did countless of computer courses and I am teaching parts of the European Computer Driving License, though the counterpart from the ECDL – the Xpert, it’s from the adult education centres but counts Europe-wide as well, but nothing really prepared me for the MAODE study. I have the feeling that the slogan I use in my Skype account: ‘Digital immigrant lost in Web 2.0‘ still applies.

Doing H800 I already realised that I am more below average or even complete novice when it comes to Web 2.0 technologies and services. I never blogged before, I never created a movie, never heard anything from social bookmarking and was an opponent of social networks and thought it would be better if nobody finds me in a Google search. Well, things changed greatly since I started in Februar 2010. I become I regular blogger, even moved outside the protected OU environment, I deliberately try to get in contact makes no sense for me, at least that type of social network.

But H808 takes me to an even higher level, a greater challenge. I feel like in a computer game and with each new level I reach I have to master even greater challenges.

For the first part of the TMA, the essay about the pros and cons fo using eportfolios or eportfolio-type systems, I have to rely almost exclusively on the H808 material or what I find in the Internet. Starting just recently myself opening a Mahara account, thus being a novice myself, not to talk about applying that to my students, I have no real first-hand experience.

And for the second part the reflective commentary, well – I was never asked to do something like that, so again complete novice. To come back to my game metaphor it will be definitely a hard piece of work to reach the next level, but I am willing to make it.

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