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H808 – ePortfolio case studies (CA 2.3)

October 24, 2010

Better late, than never!

Revising the material for our upcoming  TMA, which I still haven’t really finished so far, I thought I still need a piece of evidence so I decided to record my 500-word report as podcast or audio file, using Audacity as tool. Here is the result. I think it could be better, but for my second podcast done with Audacity, it should be ok. But first I had to purchase more space here in WordPress, otherwise I could not have uploaded mp3 files into this blog.

Please click here to listen to CoreActivity2.3 ePortfolio case studies

Core activity 2.3 required us to read at least three of the papers listed in the core texts resources and at least one from the supplementary resources. I decided to go for Helen Barrett, as she is well known for her work with eportfolios and eportfolio-type systems, so if you have time you really have to read what she is doing, she is really creative and has good ideas how to get started with simple technology and how to manage. I also read Reese and Levy, the ECAR study, Batson and Siemens and include the comments from one of my peers out of the forum and from a Skype session I had with some peers on Thursday.

We were asked to consider the following issues:

  • What are the anticipated outcomes of using an eportfolio in this case?
  • What are the limitations to its implementations?
  • How is the eportfolio in this case supposed to help the user to identify and manage their learning?

Here is as well the transcript to the podcasts, in case you don’t understand me ;-). I am still having problems how to pronounce different words.

Transcript: CA_2.3-ePortfolio_case-study

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