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The importance of informal study groups

October 25, 2010

(Study) Life is so much better being part of an informal study group.

In H800 we learned about John Seely Brown and his claim that the best indicator of success in college has to do with whether or not you know how to form, join, participate in study groups. Bar none!

I agree with him because I learned to value the academic and moral support of  informal study groups. It helps you through your studies in a much better way,  just as today, when your fighting with a TMA and you see somebody of your peers is online, so you skype him or her and you chat a little bit. It cheers me up, to see that I am not the only one fighting with the TMA, but it is also a resource of new ideas and perspectives that might develop during the communication.

And isn’t that the kind of  proactivity that is involved in leading, informing or otherwise motivating others in the context of this course(s) 😉

Well, unfortunately (or probably fortunately) assessments requires individual performance and thus the best chat with your informal study group or with one of your peers needs to come to an end and we have to return to our work.  Although we agreed that chatting is a much more enjoyable, than proceeding with the TMA.

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