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H810 – Trying assistive technology (A14.1)

October 26, 2010

Wow, I really didn’t know what my computer is capable, too. That was more than interesting to explore the built-in accessibility features of Microsoft Window. Did you know that you have a in-built magnifier which can be found clicking on Start > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility which will take you to the Magnifer, Onscreen keyboard and the Accessibility wizard. Pretty amazing.

Carrying out the task was an interesting experience. Using the onscreen keyboard to type a short message took me a lot longer as using the regular keyboard, first because I am not used to it, second I could not use my ten fingers which I normally use. But it was a lot faster than using a keyboard controlled by your eyes. Once I visited a rehab exhibition with my students and had the possibility to try this tool, but I barely managed to control the tool. I learned two things, first that technology offers great options, second that we take things much for granted.

Using the magnifer was pretty cool, but I got almost dizzy because I moved the mouse to violently, thus could not really focus on reading the text. It took me a while to smoothly run the tool and reading improved. But I hardly managed the ‘Cheese Types’ activity which required us using the Windows Magnifer to complete the interactive drag and drop exercise.

Using the shortcut keystrokes to complete the interactive Word document was easier as I am pretty familiar with shortcuts, but it was new to me that I can insert drop down menus into a word document as well that I can insert an audio file. I am really impressed what Microsoft has to offer and it shows me again how less attention I paid to accessibility issues.

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