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H808 – Back again – well almost ;-)

November 2, 2010

I finally finished part 2 for my first TMA which gave me some confidence and also calmed me down, knowing that I finished now 50% of the assessment so far. Fortunately my tutor granted me an extension, so I have a couple more days to go. I definitely need it, as school is pretty demanding right now. We had counseling for our students on Saturday, normally a free day, I need to sub for sick colleagues, conferences, etc. All seems to sum up at the moment. Well, I think you all know that I do not tell you anything new how it is to work and study at the same time.

I definitely learned a lot about eportfolio systems so far and  about reflection and the need for PDP, I just need some time to digest all the new information and hopefully I can apply some of my knowledge with the start of the next school year. Right now I am just making mental notes what could work and what needs to be adjusted to the context of my learners. It’s already quite a long list, with some bigger projects, e.g. I want to introduce blogging to my students – as reflective tool and some smaller projects, like producing a video with xtranormal  or a podcast using e.g. audacity. Looking forward to do that, but first things first and that means to finish the first TMA for H808.

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