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H808 – I made it!

November 7, 2010

I made it – and the fat lady finally stopped singing – well for now, but she will soon start singing again, this time for H810 where the second TMA is due on the 25 November.

That was a hard piece of work and required some night shifts to finish this TMA in time. Looking back I have to ask myself  why I experienced such great problems. Sure eportfolios and reflective writing was new to me, but I managed before to write about subjects new to me. I think I simply blocked myself, being too much in awe what I have to do. No in retrospect I have to say that it was pretty pointless, but afterwards we are normally wiser, aren’t we.

Well, what did I learned so far?

  1. Not to be too worried about a new challenge – hope I keep that in mind for the second TMA and the ECA
  2. That I need to be more proactive, I had nothing really to report in this section, but I have to say to my excuse that I am normally pretty proactive. Last year I participated in a weekly study group and it was a great experience and the academic and emotional support helped me to get through the study. Here I simply have no time, running two courses next to a full-time job as teacher.
  3. I should also critique the practice of others more. I learned to appreciate receiving comments on my OU blog and it helped me in my personal and/or academic development. That’s what I really like about writing a blog, that I can simply write down my ideas, proposals or arguments, or how I feel. It can be unstructured, incomplete, it does not have to have an introduction or conclusion. Writing a blog really liberates me and I wish I could take some of the ease of writing to formal assessments. Probably I should next time write my essay, or other work here in the blog 😉
  4. I am still far from being an eprofessional, I still feel so unqualified, and each time I think I managed, new problems or should I phrase it in a positive way – new challenges. I guess that’s what you call lifelong learning.

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