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H808 – Professions and professional values (CA 5.2)

November 11, 2010

This time we were asked to read through the article from Neal, M. and Morgan, J. ‘The professionalization of Everyone?’ for the main ideas and write a short response  saying whether you think this kind of study has anything to contribute to the professionalisation of elearning practitioners.  The writers compare the development of a number of professions in the UK and Germany.

Here is my response:

Coming from Germany and being used of the state controlling occupations and professions, I found it interesting to read that professions in the UK develop more bottom-up instead top-down. The German educational school system is even worse, because each federal state (province) has its own regulations and there is no common approach at all. If teachers or students move places they are often confronted with different school systems. The article also mentions that Germany refuse to recognise external teaching qualifications, but they even refuse(d) to recognize teaching qualifications gained from teachers in former East Germany. Contrary to the UK system do we also have no mandatory PDP or CDP.

Though I found the article quite interesting to read, a little bit long probably, do I agree with Claire that I did not find this study to useful in contributing to the professionalisation of elearning practitioners. Sure, I agree with Adrian that the whole IT branch somehow developed, and even in Germany there was long no official occupation and everybody with some computer skills could work in this section. Slowly but steady occupations developed and universities offered courses for IT specialist and somehow later elearning emerged, though I just know from one university who recently started their own course, similar to the MAODE (Master of Online and  Distance Education) course here with the OU (Open University UK). Another university I know works in cooperation with the USA who count indeed to the early adopters of elearning.

Gaining recognition and reputation, but as well the wish to fend off competitors is a common wish of all occupations and professions, which count as well for eprofessionals.

I still have to read the next article from Becky Warrior to write my own preliminary and brief definitions of ‘profession’, ‘elearning’ and ‘elearning professional’ based on my reading. Will be continued 😉

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