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H810 – My online resource

November 11, 2010

Every new day a new challenge, the whole MAODE course is a challenge. This time we are asked to

  • Create an accessible online learning resource that can be shared with your tutor group. The resource can be in any format but you must be able to make it visible online to other students.

It could be:

  • a link to another web page
  • a link to your blog (if it allows you to include images)
  • a link to a page in the tutor group wiki
  • a file attached to a message in the special forum for this topic. If you have linked resources, make sure that you include all the files and that the whole thing can be recreated on another computer. The limit for any one uploaded file is 20Mb.

The content should include:

  • learning outcomes, key skills or a similar indication of what students are expected to be able to do or learn
  • structure for navigation
  • at least one image that requires a description
  • links to at least three related resources
  • at least one table.
  • We suggest that your resource should take a student 30–45 minutes to study.

Well, this was my first reaction:

I think one issue we have to consider to find a webhost who allows us to upload our document(s). Right now I cannot imaging using my blog or a wiki for that task, but probably I did not think over the whole task enough. When I read the task I thought about creating a website, using e.g. Google sites or simple use HTML to design one, but then again I need to have a webhost. My next thought was Mahara, my ‘repository of evidence’, i.e. my eportfolio for H808, I could create a view just for this course. Sounds not to bad, probably better as Google sites, as I never worked with it, but I guess that shouldn’t be to complicated as well.

Well, next to the technical issues is the pedagogical one, what do I present, but if I understood that right, it can be any topic and pretty simple, thus the main focus is not necessarily on methodology and principles of teaching, or?

I started using Mahara, because I can upload files, video, images, etc. , but after working the second evening/night on my resource a couple of questions arise.

  1. I am not sure how accessible Mahara is
  2. I somehow have the feeling that I want to pack too much into the resource and I really have to make sure not to forget how soon our next TMA is coming up, so I guess I should reduce my resource and concentrate to make a couple of contents accessbile
  3. It is quite difficult to consider all the guidlines and standards, it is quite confusing, though it shows us explicitly how much consideration it needs to safeguard accessibility issues and might explain why so many websites still does not fullfil all the standards and guidelines that should be applied.
    • I wanted to use the Microsoft narrator, but it only reads gibberish. First I thought its only because the narrator might not be possible to read websites, but ‘Anna’ cannot even read a word document. Any advise on this?
    • I heard about Lynx the text only browser, but I don’t want to bust my whole system when downloading it, does it run without problem next to Mozilla Firefox, or Explorer? Well, I turned the images off to see the effect, but wanted to get a different impression.

I guess that’s the problem if you have no technical experience with AT’s and no experience working with disabled students.

I definitely need quick results, otherwise I will be lost 😦

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