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H808 – Professions and professional values (CA5.2)

November 12, 2010

The second part of Core Activity asked us to read the article by Warrior ‘Reflections of an Educational Professional’ and use her thought on education as a profession to help you in framing your own thoughts with regard to elearning.

Then write your own preliminary, brief definitions of: ‘Profession’; ‘elearning’ and ‘elearning professional’ based on your reading.

Reading the article reminded me my first OU course K100 ‘Understanding Health and Social Care’ where one Unit was as well about professionalism and how it developed in the area of the medical profession. Below a section of a mind map regarding the development of medical professions.

Similar to Warrior does professionals differ from lay person because they are paid, regular employed, having a career, possess knowledge and skills acquired through education and training, are tested for their competence before allowing practice and normally have a code of conduct and regulate themselves, or like in Germany are mainly state-regulated. Warrior also links quality with professionalism, driven e.g. by the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency). She also refers to the importance of PDP (Personal Development Planning) and that there is a certain degree of individual responsibility associated with being a professional. Professionals are required to update and attend regular training courses or conferences in order to prevent stagnation of professional practice which goes with the governments’ Lifelong Learning agenda.

I found the term dignified occupation interesting, e.g. lawyer, doctor or teacher, and that they are regarded as professionals. Well, following up the public debate I would almost say that teachers are not longer regarded as dignified occupation, they definitely do not get the same respect as they got many years ago

I also like when Warrior states that a professional must ‘practice what they preach’ and that there is a moral obligation to the client, the students.

Here my definitions for:

  • Profession: an occupation founded upon specialised educational training with subsequent examination, possess specialised knowledge and skills and practice PDP and reflection, get paid, work on a regular basis
  • elearning: comprises all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching (Wikipedia)
  • elearning professional: someone who has the knowledge and skills to plan, design or advise how to create electronic learning activities, considers ways of applying technologies for a variety of learners, considers accessibility issues and keep up-to-date with recent Web 2.0 and mobile devices developments

I think all the points our tutor group found in CA5.1 apply for an elearning professional.

  • Reflection and PDP or CDP – taking ownership and responsibility of own learning, including informal and lifelong learning, self-determined.
  • the use of Web 2.0 technologies with its emphasis on user-generated content, sharing, collaboration and communication and publishing
  • Accessibility issues – making learning more inclusive allow access to all
  • Being a member of a couple of online networks or communities, like LinkedIn, The eLearning Guild, Cloudworks, Eifel, etc
  • Stay on to of recent developments, critical evaluate and reflect on them and consider implications for learning

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  1. Wow! This can be one particular of the most beneficial blogs We have ever arrive across on this subject. Basically Magnificent

    • Thanks for the kind compliment, I’m glad my blog raised your interest. I hope I will finish my Master of Online and Distance Education by Summer 2011. So I will continue for a while, so more to read 😉

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