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H810 – My online resource (Part 2)

November 12, 2010

Here we go again,

Mahara does not work as I wished, though I spend hours to organise views and collection, etc. My next thought to simply use HTML and create a small little page, which considers some of the web accessibility guidelines, fail because I have no appropriate webhost. I tried Dropbox, but though you can share files with others, do don’t get the links between my pages working and every single file needs to be downloaded first – not good. Today I used Google docs with almost similar problems, my links mess up and I just receive error messages. And that are not my only problems.

I still struggle to get to know all the guidelines that I suppose to apply, and if I apply some I cannot control them, and I am still not happy with my planned lesson unit. How do you describe a cross-section through human skin. Probably I should search the web for an appropriate description.

So again I reach a point where I ask myself how I can manage this activity and the upcoming TMA with being so clueless thoughtful And how do I manage to comment on my colleagues/peers online resources having no idea myself  😦


PS: Link to Part 1

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