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H810 – A critical note

November 16, 2010

Now I am finished with my resource, well actually two – though having the same topic, do I ask myself how useful that activity was in raising my accessibility awareness. No doubt it was an interesting and challenging experience creating an accessible online learning resource, but to which price?

I am still no wiser after doing this activity than I was before and I still have my doubts if we have to spend endless hours, I spend more than 15 hours in my online resource(s), just to come to the conclusion that my technical skills, my knowledge regarding guidelines, standards and legislation’s about web accessibility are still inadequate. I knew that already before I started this activity, and now I know it in cold print, but was it really necessary to take the detour doing this extensive activity. No offense to my peers, they really created great resources with a variety of interesting tools, but although we all proofed our technical skills, do I somehow doubt, please no offense, how much accessibility I (we) really put in our resources and if web accessibility was always in our main focus or if we sometimes sidetracked it.  I know that I failed in many parts of my resource to achieve web accessibility for all kinds of disabled learners.

My lack of knowledge also prevented my from a meaningful analyse of  my peers resources. And I raised the point in the forum: So again I reach a point where I ask myself how I can manage this activity and the upcoming TMA with being so clueless thoughtful

Well, I do not want to belittle all of that activity. I definitely learned how much worked and consideration is needed to anticipate needs and create/design really accessible learning resources and under less pressured circumstances I might have enjoyed doing that activity more than I did now.

It would be interesting to know how my peers judged that?

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  1. The learning resource caused me many many hours of work – not least because I couldn’t make up my mind which tool and platform to use,so therefore tried several.

    However, I would still say the activity has been a valuable one. For example, it has revealed to me the shortcomings of Powerpoint, which up until now was my most used tool! It has revealed to me the nature on online evaluation tools (although I still don’tunderstand the jargon they evaluate with!!!!)

    I hope you mangage to get all your marking and TMAs and sleep done in the near future!!

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