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H810 – Evaluation tools (24.4 part 2)

November 18, 2010

Finally a breakthrough 🙂 – some evaluation tools that really help to assess a web page for its accessibility. Thanks to a peer of my tutor-group who provided that links and comments:

Thanks Graeme 🙂

A variety of testing tools for Firefox

I downloaded these add-ons for Firefox (some of them create toolbars but all are available from Tools on the menu bar):

Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar


  • Checks out tables, colour brightness and colour contrast.

Fangs Screen Reader Emulator


  • Produces a text version of a page showing how a screen reader might interpret it. I suppose it might be considered as an alternate format to checking out how your site “sounds” in a screen reader.



  • Checks a page against US 508 compliance and WCAG 1 & 2 compliance – use the companion tab on the menu if your web page is on a password protected site.

WAVE Toolbar


  • Checks for a range of accessibility feature and has icons to flag them up along with some additional info when you float over the icon. Allows a text only view, shows the navigational order in structure view, and headings in outline view.

All of them still require you to have knowledge of guidelines but I have found them useful in identifying issues with my resource. It failed on the colour contrast in Juicy (and in some cases brightness) which I had already noted as a problem with styles in eXe but confirmed I would have to create at least one new theme if I want to make it more accessible for dyslexic students or those with colour blindness or other vision impairments.

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