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H810 – Almost there!?

November 23, 2010

Almost there? Where? Almost in bed or almost ready to ring the funny farm. Yes, well almost, but I meant that I am almost there with my TMA. But only almost, I still need to do the referencing part, I have to edit it again, cut about 300 words, proofread it and mail it out. That should be manageable within 24 hours. But before I need some sleep.

No, that is not me, but it represents my situation pretty good. I guess my arteries run more caffeine as anything else and that  I need a rehab after finishing my MAODE (Master of Online and Distance Education) to decaf my body 😉

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  1. LOL!!!! Last night I went to bed at 8.30pm, submitted my TMA at 8.32pm (what the hell, I’m sure it could be better, but I could also drive myself to the funny farm), then starting reading the next module, as I couldn’t think of anything else to do besides H810…

    The night before, I was up till 4.30am editing, taking a toilet break every 30 minutes (pure caffeine down the drain, there)… I am so glad to have finished it now!!!!

    • Hallo Kate,
      you made me laugh when I read your two comments, especially the one about teachers and VLE. That helped me through my day. Fortunately I am now there, i.e. I mailed my TMA out about an hour ago. Could have been a little bit earlier, but it did not get through – my file was almost 8 MB and they just accept 5 MB. So I had to take a couple screenshots out and change it a little bit. Well, dusted and done. My favourite words in my MAODE study.
      But the rush continues, I have a collaborative work running in my other course and will have to read a couple papers to produce a presentation, or part of a presentation until Friday night. You have to love it, but the collaborative work is part of the TMA02 in H808 which is due on the 13 December 😦

  2. Hey can I copy and paste this post on my web site? What references must I give? You might give this info for other people too.

    • Hallo and sorry for the late reply. You are right I should give that info to others as well, but honestly I never really considered it and I am always amazed at the positive responses I get. Well, I use and quote from material provided by the Open University UK but that is normally visible, so you might need to mention that, but when it comes to my material, you are welcome to quote from it and you can copy and past the post. Please refer to my blog, probably provide a link, that would be great. Hope my reply is not too late 😦

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