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H808 – My own professional values

November 30, 2010

I found this quite interesting blog post who raise the question ‘What are your professional values?’ A question that I have to answer now for the course. Well, honestly I haven’t really put much consideration into this question and similar to the author I used to trust gut instinct when it came to professional values and knew or thought I knew what was right or wrong. But I agree with Chrissy Scivicque that we should use our brain and really think about it, because professional values are the foundation of our career.

Here we go 😛

  • I show respect to students, their parents, colleagues and institutions we work in cooperation
  • treat and assess them fairly
  • prepare appropriate lessons and provide quality material
  • assess fairly according given criteria, provide timely and qualitative feedback
  • attend further education to keep informed about new developments in my field
  • respect diverse learners
  • practice reflectivity

Ok, I know I do not achieve all of that, it strongly depends on today’s high, but at least I strive to achieve it. I know when I got message that I was accepted for teachers training my first thought was I want to become a good teacher, whatever that involves.

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