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En route to finish my Master

December 1, 2010

Finish my MAODE (Master of Online and distance educations) sounds good, it warm up my heart in the middle of cold winter weather and great work load that disturb my work-life balance now for years. Just heard this word – work-life balance which let me realize how much out of balance my whole life is, with great focus on work and studying and no real existing life 😉 Right now my life looks like that – not really balanced, but I hope it will soon (summer 2011) look like the second picture.

But, that will change in summer, when I hopefully finish my MAODE, it is the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps me going. I just hope that my ‘batteries’ are not running dead before I reach the finish line, I sometimes have the feeling that I am already running on reserve. Let’s keep the fingers crossed, at least there is no overlap between the new courses and my previous courses.

My two new courses, H807 Innovations in elearning and presumable H809 Practice-based research in educational technology. It does not attract me so much, so I considering if possible to take another module, but I have to speak to a course advisor first.

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  1. Louisa Thomas permalink

    Keep with it! I can recommend H807 – it was a good course, if slightly more intensive than I expected!

    • Hallo Louisa,
      all the H-course I took so fare a far more intensive than I expected and requires a lot more time than the recommended hours by the course team. But I am looking forward to it. The title already sounds inviting and interesting. Is there any collaborative group work involved?


  2. Louisa Thomas permalink

    Hi Sylvia,

    Yes – there was a collaborative activity, and an opportunity to interview an innovator (you had to find one!). I’m guessing they change the course several times over the years, but hope that these two features stick! There were also some interesting explorations of ‘new’ technology and their uses through group activities, and a big focus on e-tivities, which was particularly useful in my context (and kind of helped with get through the recent Unit 6 activity!).

    I hope this helps!


    • Hallo Louisa,

      thanks for your information, but I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of collaborative acitivties and sitting here in Germany I already see the upcoming problem to interview an innovator, but well I should not think so negative and could also interview a German innovator. We have a technical university here with IT and several IT and technical related institutions, e.g. the Fraunhofer society which is well know for innovations, so probably not to bad. May I ask in which context you work. If you wish you can also reply to my email account
      I work as a vocational teacher, but my context is pretty traditional, so unfortunately I can only apply a few things in my teaching. Additional does the double load of studying two courses and working full time allow not really much time to design new elearning units. But time will come.

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