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H808 – Professional learning

December 2, 2010

This activity requires us to consider the relationship between reflection, action and learning in my own contexts of work, including the current context of study on H808. We shall also consider how we could use what we have written during this activity in part 1 of  TMA02.

The TMA02, part 1, requires to write an essay (2500 words) discussing the development of elearning professionals practitioner may play (for example, in technical support, teaching, advisory and management roles), and any differences in professional values that may be associated with these roles.

Well, right now everything sounds pretty Greek to me, but I am working on it to get a better insight.

Regarding Dealtry (2004) I would classify my learning with a moderate up to high risk. An unfamiliar learning task, but in a familiar work situation (familiar with the OU environment), but I have the feeling that the degree of risk associated gradually increases as the learning task become more and more unfamiliar, as well as the work situations.









Clegg et al., 2002 table describes four kind of reflection practice. Right now Box  A and C does not apply for me as I have minor opportunity to put into action what I learn here, as I have no immediate opportunity to put anything into practice. B and D does apply as the activities and our assessments require us to reflect on our work, directly after we finished the task or sometimes with a period of rumination. I sometime also practice reflection-in-practice, e.g. when I reflected on our last collaborative group work and how good or bad it proceeds. That is pretty helpful for e.g. the upcoming part 2 of our TMA , but also to organize the thought and to take corrective action if necessary.




I am not so sure how this activity suppose to help us with the upcoming TMA, but probably after reading Clegg and Dealtry I might have a clearer picture thoughtful


Clegg, S., Tan, J. and Saeidi, S. (2002) ‘Reflecting or acting? Reflective practice and continuing professional development in higher education’ (online), Reflective Practice, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 131–46. Available from: (accessed 30 November 2010).

Dealtry, R. (2004) ‘Professional practice: the savvy learner’ (online), Journal of Workplace Learning, vol. 16, no. 1/2, pp. 101–109. Available from: (accessed 30 November 2010).

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