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H808 – Second assessment

December 4, 2010

What a day. It took me hours to come up with reasonable draft of the summary description of our group work. No wonder it took me so long, the group work lasted two weeks and our group was really hardworking and produced 163 post. Printed out with type-size 10 it occupied 27 pages, which might explain my difficulties to capture that in about 500 up to 600 words. As always I am ways above the 600 words and I could easily use the 1500 words given for part two of the upcoming word limit.

Now I am on my way to evaluate our group work, including my contributions. Well, my contribution will be quickly evaluated, it is pretty featureless, well that’s at least my first impression, probably reviewing the whole correspondence will shed a better light on my contribution. Though the overall number of my posts suggested that I had an average contribution, taking up 20% of the overall messages,  did I contributed only little to the Google Site one group member set up, but added my share to the wiki, though I focused on the wrong resource – ‘Silly me’ 😛 – and it took nine days until one group member finally let my know that I am on the wrong boat. Well, to my defence I can probably say that I was busy finishing a TMA for my other course, and grading about 40 test for school. But, I also have to say that I told the group that I am going to read this resource and nobody objected the whole time, I also asked several time to let me know what to read, with no real responses, but what do I tell my students ‘Those who can read have an advantage. That pretty much applies for me.

Well, one role I had for sure that of the fool :-P, but besides that I am quite unsure how to describe my role or my contributions as I took several identities or roles in turn, therefore I cannot claim that I was a coordinator or leader, although I partly tried to lead the group in a certain direction and I also summarized the results so far, but so did others. I provided feedback and encouragement, but can I claim the role of a moral supporter, I guess not. So what role can I claim, what was my share, what did I learned for the future??

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