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Study blues – Winter blues

December 5, 2010

What is it with this time of the year? The days are short, in the morning it does not get light, it is grey the whole day and already at 1 or 2 pm you have the impression it soon gets dark, which is not the case but at around 4 pm it definitely darken. I have to admit winter is not my favourite time of the year, it is cold, you hardly see the sun, at least in the area of Germany I am living, and it is definitely too long. Last year we still had in May just temperatures around 7°C (around 45° F). Who would not wish to move to a warmer area or country, I would do it like the ‘snow birds’ and move to Florida.

But probably it is just the study blues, that I quite often experience at three-quarters of the way through a course. Tired of doing more studying, even more tired doing another assessment and kind of worrying about the final assessments and if there is enough energy left. It’s kind of fallen into a sort of limbo. Normally after the final assessment is transmitted, things improve and I normally gain energy for the final, I just hope it will be enough as I have to do a double finish, one for H808 and one for H810, both due on the 20 January 2011. So fingers crossed, but what did a good study friend of mine always say – It’s not over until the fat lady sings.

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