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H808 – elearning professionals – TMA02

December 9, 2010

When I thought part 2 of this TMA was already tricky, this part 1 is my nightmare becoming true. I know I tend to overreact at first, but when I went through the question ‘Write and essay discussing the development of elearning professionals practitioners may play (for example, in technical support, teaching, advisory and management roles), and any differences in professional values that may be associated with these roles’.

Values sound somehow familiar to me, I just approached this topic a couple of days ago, yet how should I extract differences in values between the different roles of elearning professionals if I did not even find much differences in values been medical and elearning pros? Well, the OU guidelines state something about professional obligations, that might work a little bit better, although I am not sure about that, but will find out.

But when it comes to the different roles of elearning professional practitioners I could just recall that they were so many different job titles that I got lost. Well, I thought I have a look back to the previous units to brush up my knowledge and having a look at Unit 5: eLearning as a profession did not trigger any memory at all and I already thought that I must have skipped that unit because of lack of time, probably working on the TMA for H810, but got disabused. I participated in the associated forums and my blog here is evidence that I did all the required activities. Scarry :S

What does that tell me? I am getting old – well that is true, doing two MAODE courses at the same time, while working full-time is too much – more than likely. However, all moaning about does not help, back to unit 5 to polish up my knowledge.


for all elearning professionals, please come forward and share with me your professional values, how your profession developed and let me know about your roles and responsibilities.

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