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H810 – Issues in accessibility (A34.1)

December 22, 2010

Back again to H810. It took me quite a long time to finish my TMA for H808, and now I definitely need some time to re-orientate myself. Though I missed about 3 weeks I decided to jump right away into this weeks activities and try to work my way back. This gives me the chance to engage in the forum discussions, which I consider as important as this Block is already working towards the final end-of-course assignment (ECA).

I just finished reading Seale’s Chapter 11 and thought I first have a look into our H810 forum to see if anybody already identified three issues that are of most relevance or of most interest for our context, as I am not really sure where we are heading with that, but I need to clarify this as it will be part of the ECA. I would have definitely preferred TMA02 as ECA 😦

Well, I indentified a couple of issues like legal, equity and/or social justice or business issues, though first sight I am having problems with picking one and write 2000 words for the ECA about it. Actual we have to decide on three issue and write alltogether 6000 words for the ECA. Legal issues seems right now as the one issue where I know there would be enough material to use, I also understand business issues, but I am quite unsure what the social justice issue is about and the equity issue seems somehow closely related to the legal issue thoughtful ??

After reading Seale’s Chapter 11 ‘Institutional responses to accessibility: rules, games and politics’, we were asked to answer a couple of questions.

1. Do you think that there are any incentives for your organisation to develop or improve the accessibility of its online resources? If so, what are they?

It seems that so far we are in agreement that the greatest incentive for organisations is that to be more competitive, thus to ‘enhance the organization’s survival opportunities’ and to make more money, i.e. to capture an increased share of the potential market. I somehow doubt that much thought is actually invested to really help disabled students out of pure altruism, at least it is not top priority. Talking about my vocation school I don’t see any incentives at all, as accessibility issues are not really an issue at all. Apprentices have to attend the school anyways, and for the students I am mostly teaching, it is a legal requirement to attend school for a certain amount of years, leaving a minority of students that choose on their own to attend our school and they do it more for practical reason, because it is the school closest to their residence. Besides that as mentioned before here in Germany students have no legal entitlement to visit mainstream schooling, which reduce incentives to an even greater extend.

Besides that, we do not really offer any online resources, there is a face-to-face school attendance and our school homepage is about the only online resource. A minority of teachers use Moodle to support their learning, but I somehow doubt that accessibility issues play much of a consideration when designing a Moodle course.

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  1. Love your blog Sylvia, keep up the good work and amusing images:)
    I have been in the position of having a brain block many times when it is time for a TMA but things always come good in the end. Good luck with the two ECA’s, I’m glad I only have the one. Regards and best wishes Andy (H810)

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