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H810 – Community perspective (A36.1b)

December 26, 2010

One student in my group raised the question if we are a community of practice in our tutor group.

I stated that I guess we apply for a ‘community of practice’ as we share a common goal and purpose (finishing our MAODE, getting better in our practice), though I am not sure about the enterprise. It is a social process, we actively participate and I guess we can say that we have our own ways (shared repertoire) of doing things within the OU environment. I also think that mutual engagement as another dimension and source of coherence applies for us. We often ask questions, like you just did, which requires the contributions, competence and knowledge of others, not only our competence and knowledge.

We could probably even go a step further and consider us as constellation, built out of teachers, some designer, developer, tutors, student community, course management and we all build the happy OU MAODE community.

I would not really consider myself as a broker, but as we all take different courses we all create links between communities. I link e.g. H810 with H808 now and I have to say that I occasionally refer to accessibility issues and blur somehow the boundaries and transfer some elements of practice, facilitating thus transaction between the two communities.

Therefore, I would say there is strong evidence that we are indeed a ‘community of practice’ wink.

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