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H808 – ECA requirements

December 27, 2010

Honestly I needed a while to calm down after reading the requirements for the upcoming ECA, otherwise my use of language might have been not really appropriate for this public blog 😛

So what happen, what made me so upset?

The ECA requires besides the reflective commentary and a critical essay an eportfolio compilation. Our compilation has to contain a selection from the work we have produced during the course and will serve as evidence of our understanding and development in the four key areas of competency (practice-, communication-, technology- and research-related) as an elearning professional. The compilation should contain a minimum of nine and a maximum of fifteen samples of work produced during the course. At least three sampled should be included from the core activities of each block and at least three samples from supplementary activities, presented as evidence of proactivity, will also need to be included if you wish to gain a distinction.

I consider that as pretty unfair, that means without including any supplementary activity I can only get a pass 2, however good the my piece of work it. But the the activities are not longer supplementary, they kind of become compulsory. I never had the time to participate in any supplementary activity, though I would have loved to do so, which means that I am now constrained to participate in three of the four remaining supplementary activities 😦

I have to say I am not amused dead.

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