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H810 – Reviewing the course

December 31, 2010

Similar to some of my peers I absolutely agree that I am amazed about how much material actually exists surrounding the subject accessibility. However, it still makes me feel ashamed how unaware I actually was, so I can really talk from an almost 100% learning increase.

Fortunately I bought myself I new laptop this year, otherwise it would have been impossible to keep up with all the technologies, tools, etc. we are asked during our MAODE study to install on our computer, to explore and to evaluate. My old laptop would have definitely not managed with that requirements.

Looking back at our course wiki I would not change anything, though I am not a great fan from wikis. I do not criticise the possibility it offers to collect ideas in one place, but I greatly dislike the limited format options which makes it unclear and thus hard to access, even for me. What I also realized that my contributions in the wikis are somehow limited as well. I often had no time or simply left messages in the forum, forgetting to put the information into the wiki as well 😦

One point that I really highly appreciated and which I think is one of the most beneficial doing this course is the exchange that we have here in our forums, the wiki, or our blogs. It gave me the opportunity to learn so much from you, to get an insight into your context, allowed it to compare it with mine and contributed so a great deal to my steep learning curve as well. smile

I can highly recommend this course, it might not be considered as high-profile as the other MAODE courses, but it is a brilliant reminder of the challenges for disabled students and the practical aspects of accessibility, which definitely helped my to view my other courses in a different perspective and catch myself  increasingly that I take accessibility issues into considerations when doing things. I think that is a pretty good sign 😀

One thing that struck me as well, it kind of happens with every course, how fast the time past by and now we are close to the end, ‘just’ the ECA ahead of us.

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  1. Sylvia, I got your request about using my blog for a study – that’s fine, of course. but, I am a very nosey gal, so could I have a peek at your study if possible?

    • Well, my use of words may have been a little bit to exaggerated ;-). We were asked to identify serval categories that address the range of blog use in education. You may have a look at my latest blogpost. It is for my other course H808 The elearning professional. They are really driving my crazy, and what they even leave us less time to finish the ECA as H810 allows us. This week and the next week are still scheduled for activities. I really start to wonder how am I going to manage 😦
      Well, I guess everything will fall in place, it has, too.
      Happy New Year to you and thanks for your permission.

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