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H808 – Evidencing practice-related competencies (CA10.1a)

January 1, 2011

Ok, again another challenge, which requires a lot of effort and takes time away from my ECA. But this will be the last official activity, except the final supplementary activity (SA). So far I already participated in three SA’s and that will be my fourth SA,  and with that I will accomplish the H808 requirements. However, just in case my second TMA is good enough, otherwise it was an interesting experience 😛

Elearning professionals rarely operate in a purely theoretical, academic context. They are frequently required (either on their own or as part of a team) to put into practice the knowledge and skills they have acquired through research, review and engagement (Open University – H808, 2010).

In this activity you will look at the technology of wikis. Wikis are web pages that anyone can edit. The most well know example for a wiki is Wikipedia. All the MAODE courses place great emphasis on working in collaboration using wiki’s as a resource to collate ideas and information. I just recently mentioned in my other MAODE course H810, that I like the idea behind wiki’s, having a mutual place to work together and share ideas or prepare for a mutual document, but I greatly dislike the limited format option which makes wikis unclear and thus hard to access. I am not sure if only the OU wiki is so hard to bring in a appropriate format, but the wikis I came around in Moodle, and the OU wiki is part of Moodle, are all similar messy. Another difficulity that I experience on a regular basis, e.g. when trying to safe it as evidence for this course, that once copied in a word document is looks even more messy and requires more formating. I think Google docs does a better job and can be easily shared with others. Well, that’s just my humble opinion.

This activity is based around two scenarios that require you to consider the needs of different groups. We are asked to select one of these scenarios to complete.

  • Scenario 1: You have been asked to investigate the use of wikis within a higher/further education institute. You are to prepare a brief (two-page) report that will go to a committee that focuses on learning and teaching issues. The committee wish to know whether they should adopt an institution-wide policy to wikis and, if so, what that policy should be and what the potential issues are. You should use the committee report template below.
  • Scenario 2: You are asked to provide a briefing document that will help other educators use wikis in their courses (in a subject area of your choice). The aim is to help those educators who have expressed an interest in the technology but are unsure what it is, how they can use it in teaching in this particular subject area and what they need to do technically. Your paper should be about two pages long and give some practical advice covering these three areas of advice.

I will go for the second scenario, it sounds less intimidating. I will be back as soon as I did my research to gather more knowledge and when I finished preparing the document. I think of creating a Powerpoint presentation, just to vary the usual formats I use a little bit and to make my compilation a little bit more engaging. Well, at least I hope so 😉

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