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H810 – Three accessibility issues for the ECA

January 2, 2011

Well, I did not really came to a final decision about which three accessibility issues best to use. I hoped for some input from my peers, and though they provided some input, is it still an individual work and I have to write it using my context. Hence, I have to make the decision on my own.

Here are three issues/questions that I put into closer consideration.

  1. North and Konur use the concept of game playing teams to e-learning and accessibility. Who are these teams, how equal is the power distribution between them, what role do they play and what (formal or informal) rules do the apply to safeguard accessible e-learning, applied to your own context (Chapter 11)
  2. How applicable is the activity theory as a potential tool for analysis to e-learning and accessibility. What are the components of an accessible e-learning activity system, the relationships between the components and the key concepts, applied to your context (Chapter 12).
  3. What are the advantages or potential disadvantages of communities of practice to e-learning and accessibility. How can links/connections between communities be created and what are what are the difficulties working across boundaries? (Chapter 13)

Let’s hope for the best, and best start asap (as soon as possible). Which means I should have started already yesterday 😉

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  1. Just to say I’ve made it over here. I too am in wordpress (three times), edublogs, blogger and diaryland. And yes, I completely lose track of what I am saying where, though the split is supposed to be creative, academic, swimming, and ‘absolutely everything.’

    • LOL, well spoken.
      Right now I also have the feeling I am swimming, well more drowning into work. I have a lot more questions and so far no answers are provided in my TG forum. Is it because the offcial start is first next week? Well, I have two ECAs to manage, I need answers no before I hit the ground. Well, sorry for the rant, but I find the guidance for the whole ECA, especially the compilation part not really helpful.
      Good luck to you.

  2. elenakicyp permalink

    Hello Sylvia,

    Your issues are broad as you have mentioned in the tutor group forum in ECA questions. What is the problem with me is the fact to actually identify these issues and then be able to make the necessary overview of my writing. At the same time, I am so stressed and without sleeping time at all…every day I am with 2 hours of sleep and I have to prepare learning material for the students I am teaching in the school and also for the company the boss is making me too much stress from the economic crisis now etc. No mood for nothing and how to concentrate on the EMA?

    I guess that your issues are not only broad but they are good enough to write your EMA and achieve a good result. I guess that my issues are not like yours.

    Here are my issues but I am wondering if they are distinct between them. Just now I found these issues and they are only taken from Chapter 12 but at the same time the third issue can be connected with chapter 11 I guess with the institutional change and the first issue can be connected with chapter 11 again with Konur’s concept of teams to e-learing and accessibility.

    First issue

    There are no mediators in the school and as a result the availability of many tools in the online world results in conflicts between the teachers, e-learning technologists, director of the school and the existing tools or the ones that are planned to brought up soon.

    Second issue

    There is evident contradiction between the object and the tools resulting in weakness of meeting the objectives that the school organisation sets in a specific time, in this case, the creation of accessible online learning activities.

    Third issue

    The weakness of absence of the rules (institutional and departmental policies and strategies) leads to lack of following the objective set from the community (students, teachers, support services, senior managers) of the school. The objective is to create online accessible e-learning activities.

    Thank you for sharing with us your issues.

    Best Wishes,

    • Hallo Elena,

      and I thought my conditions are bad with two ECA/EMAs, plus work where we have to finish the mid terms. It sounds like a piece of cake and I get at least 5 hours sleep a day. So more than double as much as you get. Honestly I wonder how you still function, be careful that you do not break down before the finish line. I already experience dropouts – I could not remember what the subject of my critical essay was, although I just finished it a couple hours ago. I cannot really concentrate on my teaching, and I am absolutely addicted to coffee.

      Please see my reply in the forum, I hope it might help somehow. I am not sure if you would apply for an extension, although I assume that bad working conditions do not really count, but did you consider contacting our tutor. He might help you to find your way through the issues.

      Fingers crossed for you for all of us who are desperately trying to finish there ECAs or EMAs.


  3. I could never have down two modules in parallel – I get too deeply involved in the topic so would get stressed by it. Just at the stage of thinking about the ‘issues’ with the EMA due in January 2013. Certainly ‘Activity Systems’ which have become an extra curricular interest to the point that I would love the chance to do some consultancy work creating Activity Systems. The issues have to come from the chapters so I’ll follow your lead Sylvia. Best wishes, Jonathan

    • In retrospect it was really crazy taking two classes, but I wanted to finish my MAODE as quickly as possible. Unfortunatley, my MAODE degree did not promote my occupational advancements, well at least not at school. I hoped to achieve the upper-level civil servant, but the school ministry did not accept it as a school subject. But I am working on alternative routes 😉

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