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H808 – Silence

January 9, 2011

Silence is always a bad sign for me.

I enjoy my blog a lot and like you know I normally post at least on entry a day, sometimes even more. But haven’t written anything for almost a week is a bad sign, a sign that I am stressed out. Then I retreat from the world, the real and the virtual world, not that the real world sees anything from my anyways, even my best friends haven’t seen me for weeks and almost gave up on me, but that’s another story :-P, but if I even give up communicating with the virtual world and surface,  then ….

However, having to finish two ECAs, well now the call they EMAs, until the 20 January does not really contribute to my emotional state.

Silence, dominates as well my tutor group forum – well students communicate, mainly me, I think I asked about more than 50 per cent of the questions so far, however I would not count that towards proactivity more a sign of panic, and my panic is increasing with every day where I don’t receive any answers to my questions. I know officially there is still a study week, before the official ECA phase starts, but anyhow I have to split my time and it seem there are a lot more questions than answers. And if answers in the general forum are given, they partly contradict other statements. Help, I am almost tempted to give up looking at the forums, but then I might miss important information.


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