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H808 – Brighter days

January 12, 2011

Fortunately not all days are bad ;-), but become brighter.

Countless hours later, nights that become shorter and shorter I finally come to an end for H808, though there are still contradictory comments in the forums, which might mean more work. However, it’s about time, because I haven’t started with H810 so far, but at least that does not require collecting any pieces of evidence for a compilation. Although we have to write 1000 words more, thus 6000 words, do I right now (not sure how long that will last) looking forward to ‘simply’ writing a piece of academic paper 😉

Well, about one piece – of evidence 😛 – away from finishing this H808 ECA. Tomorrow I will hopefully finish it, because not only the H810 EMA I mentioned needs to be done, but my job require that I finish the mid-terms as well, so more work, less sleep 😦


Good luck to everyone.

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  1. Well done. I am currently working by my old mantra of ‘anything but …’ or what the author Steven Pressfield aptly calles ‘resistance.’ I.e. not getting on with the job in hand. In my case the ECA. At his rate I’ll have reviewed H808 by Midnight on the 19th of January!

    • Hallo Vernon,

      have you ever watched this video? I posted it in my OU blog shortly before the ECA for H800. It pretty much describes the kind of resistance we both experience. I would prefer almost everything, cleaning, ironing, above finishing the ECA/EMAs. I still have to finish that for H810, but I fianally submitted H808. Fortunately it is over.

      Good luck for you, I hope we both manage to overcome our weaker self. I am already planning what I will do the next weekend. Definitely not studying 😛

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