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H808 – One ECA completed, one more to go

January 16, 2011

That was a hard piece of work, but it is over. Well, at least I hope it is over and I haven’t forgotten any piece of evidence or so. Especially the compilation part almost drove me crazy, but it is dusted and done and probably I will come back to this issue and comment more on it. But not tonight, not this morning. There is at least one good thing at this time of the day, here in Germany we have 1:28 am now, which is early compared to yesterday 2:30 am, but coming back to the advantage of this time of the day, is that you can easily submit a 16 MB file via the eTMA/ECA system. I can just imagine the traffic jam on the 20 January. Which means I should really hurry up that I finish my second EMA (End-modul-assessment) in time that I don’t end up in the rush hour on the 20 January.

Here an image, slightly adapted from Twitter.

But now I try to get some sleep because tomorrow, well today, I have to work on my H810 EMA. Fingers crossed that I will finish that as well in time. Well, although this EMA requires to write 1000 words more, thus 6000 words, it does at least not require to compile 9 up to 15 pieces of evidence. And 1000 words are no problem at all for me. Normally, I am 1000 words over ;-), in a 2000 word document 😛

Good luck to everyone, you know It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!

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  1. Louisa Thomas permalink

    Well done Sylvia! And good luck for H810 too.

    • Thanks Louisa,

      good luck to you as well, or is yours en route too? I was so fed up with the whole compilation part, to receive no answers to my questions, that I wrapped everything togehter last night and just submitted it. I just jope it will be ok, that I followed all the requirements. Well, it was below 20 MB, otherwise the eTMA systems does not accept it anyways, I have everything saved as .doc, ppt or pdf, although I still think after three years they should update their Office software and accept Office 2007 files and I included the two papers and the folder with the accompanying pieces of evidence, and I made sure to have at least three pieces of evidence to each block, which I almost missed, and I also included three SA, although I think they will not help me to a distinction, but you never know 😉

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