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End-of-course Reflection

January 25, 2011

Both of my courses, H808 and H810 are over now, and I managed to submit both ECA/EMA in time.

It is funny, though you wish to have more time, to finish all the hard work and stress, at the time you achieved your goal, you have the feeling your lose it. Well, that’s at least my feeling. Two days after and I still cannot relax and I still have the feeling I need to eat the ‘frog’. Well, I still have a couple of frogs to eat, and already ate some, e.g. I cleaned the bathroom, I did some laundry, I cleaned my freezer and the fridge, but all in all I somehow feel in between. But next week with the opening of my new courses, my life will have a structure again, so I am not sure I will like it then. Isn’t it strange 😕

But well, coming back to the point, the reflection on both courses.

I did chose H810 (Accessible online learning – supporting disabled students), because I think accessibility issues are still not enough considered in Germany and that this will be a broad field of activity. I have to admit that I was surprised that we were asked to design our own accessible online resource and as part of TMA to analyse our resource and that of one of my H810 colleagues. A very useful experience which I enjoyed a lot. The group was great, and so was the tutor who made the course a really memorable experience.

Although I first rated H808 (The elearning professional) as the somehow more interesting, in terms of more practice and technology-related course I must say it was somehow disappointing. Although we were asked to start and maintain an eportfolio, we were not allowed to simply provide a link to our portfolio and our pieces of evidence, but we were required to submit a self-contained compilation that allowed no external links. So honestly what was the purpose of the eportfolio. Not that it wasn’t an interesting experience, which definitely improved my technical skills, but yes I started it extra for this course and no unfortunately it will not help me any further. At least it will help me not at all in my job as teacher.

Well, when it came to the ECA or no EMA considerable differences where recognizable.

  • Word limit – well the 1000 words more for H810 did not really made a difference, because finishing the complilation part for H808 took far longer as writing 1000 words
  • Preparation time – H810 started already in week 16, thus in the middle of December with activities that well prepared us for the EMA. H808 offered nothing really comparable. Sure TMA01 required to write a reflective commentary, but besides that we had to go through all the material to answer the essay question.
  • ‘Free time’ to finish the ECA/EMA – H808 just allowed for 6 days, well actually 5 1/2 as 12 pm (noon) was the deadline on the 20 Janary. Estimated time available for this unit is twenty hours. Twenty hours :-D, I definitely made something wrong as I needed about 5 times more. H810 instead gave us 2 weeks to finish the EMA and estimated 45 hours to finish it. There is a big discrepancy from more that 100%. And the estimation was pretty acurate, I needed about 47 hours to finish the EMA. New record, that’s either I am getting better, or I was simply desperate and simply finished it 😛 I will find out somewhere in summer.
  • Tutor help – Well, that’s another chapter, but I practiced my critique in the tutor questionaire. I just say, there are differences.
  • Tutor groups – normally the most beneficial and valuable part in the whole studying. The interaction with my study colleagues is always an enrichment for me. However, it was recognizable that only my H810 group continued interacting after the EMA was submitted.

Well, it is over, almost now we have to wait for the results to see if it is really over, so let’s take up the subject in about five months or so. I guess at the time I have to hand in my last ECA/EMAs the results will arrive.

Here my concluding evaluation and recommendation.

  • H810 is definitely worth it, a great personal experience that also feed into my professional acting and greatly raised my accessibility awareness. It should actually be a must to take the course.
  • H808 sounded more promising, but although there was an inconsistency between the way it was communicated and the way I understood how our compilation part should look like and the encouragement to start an eportfolio and/or a blog, was this course as well good. There are two collaborative activities, and for your own good you should manage to be available at this times. Especially in the second collaborative activity, because TMA02 required to analyse this collaborative work, including the own contributions.

Well, let’s see what H807 and H809 will bring 😛

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