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Quo vadis?

January 26, 2011

Quo vadis? Where do you go to? 

That was my big question so far, where can I go to with my MAODE degree which I will finish in summer. For what job do I actually apply. This is all pretty new to me and I learned that many new job titles and new elearning specialist, like learning technologist are on the market causing confusion there. So as a rockie or novice it was not clear for which job description I could actually apply. Not to talk about how these jobs are called in Germany. Well, probably I make a fool out of myself, but it wasn’t really clear to me 😕

However, not knowing what I can finally do with my MAODE degree is pretty senseless. Hence, quo vadis? Fortunately, an OU course advisor arranged that I can talk to a career advisor and that was my luck. I know that the OU has such a service, but never really considered to make use of it. How silly I can now almost say.

Today I had my telephone interview, well more a career advise, which was from great help. Thanks again 🙂 The advisor helped me not only to give my clarify what I want, because that I would actually like to become a elearning developer, to design courses, but also helped me to develop an action plan. No my path is a lot clearer, I now know where to start searching, I’ve been told a couple strategies to approach possible employers, and I learned something about a talkative CV. I have to admit, although I thought I am pretty much informed when it comes to application, I definitely learning something new. Yet, having heard so much about eportfolios in H808, I was even able to give the advisor an update that the CV could be presented within an eportfolio. Well, it looks like that my Mahara eportfolio might be eventually from some use 😉

All in all, a big compliment to the OU in general for offering this service and to my course advisor in particular, thanks 🙂

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