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Opening of new courses

January 27, 2011

No, it is not the official start of both courses, that will be the 5 February 2011.

My new courses are

  • H809 Practice-based research in educational technology
  • H807 Innovations in elearning

But it is a beginning and I already started downloading documents, the calendar, checked when the assessments and the ECA/EMAs will be due. There is a little inconsistency between the dates they display in H809, but I think they will sort that out. One good news is that the cut-off date for the EMAs is not the same. There is almost a week difference, thus less pressure as with my previous finished courses, oh I forgot, they call it presentation now. However, the bad news is that both courses require  each three tutor-marked-assessments (TMAs).

The forums are not open yet, which is good at one side, because at the time the course officially starts the forum is not overcrowed and does not discourage those who signed in late, but on the other side I hope to find out if some of my colleagues from previous courses will be in my tutor group, too. Well, I guess I have to be a little bit patient.

😦 Waiting is not my strongest trait.

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  1. Yeah!!! I’ll be doing H807 too – glad to be working with you again.

    I’m also going for H800, since it’s gotta be done sometime, and may as well do it now whilst I only work part time! I’m gonna start trawling through your blog history now….!

  2. Hmmm. Just trawled your H800 category. I’ve gotta admit, it’s not as useful as the others….

    • Hallo Kate,

      nice to hear from you and great to have you in the H807 group 🙂
      I know H800 is more or less empty because I moved to WordPress after I finished H800. But you will find about 100 blog entries, all about H800 in my OU blog First I wanted to copy all blog posts into WordPress, but I haven’t done it yet. Probably, I will do so before I finish with the OU.

      Do you already know in which tutor group you are? I am in the D. MacDonald group. I already had a brief look at the material and downloaded some material, but had not closer look so far. I will start tomorrow. H800 is pretty interesting, too. It covers a broad spectrum.

  3. Hi Sylvia

    Welcome to H809!

    You mentioned some inconsistencies between the dates. Could you let me know which ones? Just in case we haven’t already fixed things…


    • Hallo James,
      you already fixed things. There was an inconsistency between the dates in the study calendar and assessments cut-off dates displayed on the right side of the course page. For the second TMA the 25.04 and the 18.04 was displayed and for the third TMA there was a difference of one day 31.05/01.06.2011. But now this is fixed, thanks for your enquiry and thanks as well for the welcome. I already listend to your podcast and had a look on your blog which looks pretty interesting. One thing is already for sure, communication is really good 🙂


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