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Assignments for H807

January 30, 2011

Within the module guide the course team writes ‘We hope you will find the assessments challenging and reflective of the work you do on the module’.

Reading the assignment  guide for H807 Innovations in elearning I can only confirm that I find the assessments challenging, simply reading what we are expected to do.

The first assessment is about writing a report on elearning innovations and to provide a short description of the process I will use to produce the report. I guess that should be manageable, only the limited word count will be a real challenge as I normally tend to write a lot more than 1300 words. 😉

The second TMA relates to the interview we have to conduct in Block 1 with an innovator or adopter. A colleague from H808 already told me about the interview and since that I am pondering where I can find in my hometown such an interview partner. Well, I thought about our technical university, in particular the DISC (Distance and Independent Study Centre) . They regard themselves as leading institution in the area of postgraduate programmes in Germany. Thus, doesn’t that sound like innovation?

My second candidate or better to say candidates is as well the university, in cooperation with the local adult education centre and the Frauenhofer institute. They developed a project for older people who should enable them to still participate on lifelong learning from their own homes in case they are not longer able to attend face-to-face courses in the adult education centre. The goal was to develop an easy to use technology that older people are willing and able to use. Well, not sure about this choice, but I will see when I know more details what we are expected to do and to achieve.

The third assessment is pretty interesting and sounds first hand relative easy, though that might be deceptive. I have to select 10 messages that I have submitted to my tutor group forum in response to module activities from Block 1 and 2. That makes up already 2000 words of the 3000 words we are expected to produce for TMA03. The final 1000 words serve for an overview of my message selection in which I am asked to reflect on the process of interacting online. Like I said sounds pretty interesting, but that also means that I should start my selection right from the beginning, knowing that forums can become pretty extensive and how time-consuming it is to start searching late through countless of forums. I think it will not impact on the way I normally participate in the forums, just keeping in mind that I should consider which forum contributions would serve best the purpose to demonstrate the process of interacting online.

The examinable component, thus the ECA or EMA is about the design of communication-based elearning activities. It is a practical project that involves the design of innovative elearning activities for a chosen audience. Practical project sound good, although it means a lot of work that I need to put in designing an elearning activity or activities. My first thought was the blogging project I planned for H800, but unfortunately it is not allowed to use that again, and I recalled as well the accessible elearning activity we had to do for H810, but that was part of an assessment as well, hence I have to think about something I haven’t done before. Regarding my less innovative school and my limited options to access computer labs I am facing a considerable challenge, especially for the part of the ECA where we are asked to collect some kind of feedback on your design, e.g. from stakeholders or from fellow students. But fellow student could also mean from my H807 colleagues, my first thought was feedback from my students. Well, that should work. At least we have Moodle implemented in our school, and I attended a couple of computer courses and achieved my eTrainer licence with the adult education centre, thus I guess my practical project will go into this direction. Starting early is as well the name of the game 🙂

Ok, so far so challenging.

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