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E-learning outlook for 2011 from Tony Bates

January 30, 2011

I found this post entry from Tony Bates about e-learning outlook for 2011 pretty interesting and think it relates pretty good to H807, as he talks about innovations and developments he expects during 2011. Bates blog post reminded me on the Horizon Reports H800 introduced to us during the course. The New Media Consortium predicts since a couple of years which developments are on the horizon.

I also like Bates video he developed with Xtranormal. I get to know Xtranormal, an online movie maker, at the end of H800 and admired movies that another H800 colleague produced, but it took me until H808 since I produced my own video about reflective writing. Bates movie about VLE vs. PLE (virtual learning environment vs. personal learning environment) is interesting, it also presents the differences between digital natives (the student) and digital immigrants (the teacher).

Being a little bit jealous of my friends iPad and considering getting myself a tablet as reward after finishing my MAODE, and when my financial situation is more balanced, is Bates consideration that the iPad is valuable for consumption, but has limited options for production a solid objection to wait a little bit longer and see how the tablet market develops. It is too expensive using it simply as an e-book reader, or to surf the web, although it would be a pretty sophisticated e-book reader. Well, I still have almost half a year to go, so thinks might improve. But I have to admit it is a cool mobile gadget 😀

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  1. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

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