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H809 – Week1

February 2, 2011

The problem with frogs is that they do not taste so good. And because I had to eat so many frogs to finish my last two course I am kind of reluctant to start eating them again. That might explain that although we can access the course page now since I week that I haven’t done so much. For those who think what is she talking about frogs I am referring to the video on YouTube – Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy.

Well, actually it could be worth, at least I printed out the material for the first block, yes I still prefer printing my material and scribbling notes on the margins, highlighting important information. I guess that identifies me still as digital immigrant who try to pretend being a digital native, but it seems I cannot really hide it 😉

I am pretty good at recalling where I left some notes in the course material, but how do you know if you read on the screen where this certain information you are looking for is located. It is still tricky to leave some digital notes, contrary to scribble something on the material, my thoughts that arise when reading the material, the links that I make.  Sure you can use the search function to find key words, but that does not lead me to my notes. Ok, I know digital immigrant.

Well, I know my way around OU learning environment and I had a look already at the Module Guide and the Assessment guide and I just listened to the introductory podcast from our chair James Aczel, hence I am already 8 hours ahead of the game 😛  Meeting the tutor group will be first possible tomorrow when the forums open, but I already made contact in the Cafe and I am following the H809 Twitter list.

That leads me directly to our first reading. More about that in my next posting.

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  1. I also prefer to print out course materials. I find I read easier on paper, and making notes by hand is more effective for me than just typing. Although I’m happy writing larger texts on-screen, for quick jottings and highlighting key points or questions, paper works best for me. In H808 we had a printable pdf of all the materials. I’m hoping that we might get that again for H807 too.

    • A pdf-version would be nice, although the H808 version was to a certain extent outdated. Due to the lack of an excisting pdf-file I started copying everything from block 1 in a word-file, transfered it into a pdf and printed it out. If you wish I can mail it to you, although I am sure I break a couple of OU copyright issues, but that is just for private use and you are in the same course. We just personalize the material to our needs 😉

  2. You’d think I could cope with typing my own name correctly though! 😉

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