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H807 – Exploring innovation in elearning (A3)

February 6, 2011

My initial ideas about innovations in elearning based on my own experience.

Within my personal context starting studying towards the MAODE degree was a real innovation for me. I thought I am pretty familiar when it comes to computer applications and internet, but realized that I still stuck in Web 1.0 and did not move on to Web 2.0. Thus making the step from a passive consumer to an active participant who create, collaborate, communicate and share can be considered as my personal innovation.

Regarding my professional context, the introduction of Moodle may be considered as innovation for German vocational schools. Announced as innovation with the potential to revolutionise education however it was more of a ‘Groundhog day’. Mayes (cited in Conole,2010) argues that each technology seems to offer lots of promises, but in the end is fundamentally disappointing in terms of the impact it actually has on practice, thus a new ‘Groundhog day’ begins with the excitement around the next technology. A year later just a few teachers adopted Moodle into their teaching and a mismatch between the potential of the CMS and their actual use is visible, insofar as it is used mainly as a repository for worksheets. I would love to use it and I think my previous study taught me a lot about design and making use of the affordances of a tool, however I have only restricted access to computer labs. My health and care department has last priority when it comes to access to computers, the students have no regular weekly computer lessons, so much to innovations :-(, and if I want to use a computer lab I have to search for a free hour in the layout of the computer labs and compete with other teachers who might want to use the room as well. Next to my own busy agenda was this the main reason I refused so far to create a course with Moodle, although I had a couple of Moodle courses and achieved a certificate with the adult education centre, but as we are asked for our EMA to (virtually) design a elearning resource I guess I will make a start this year.

Well, so far to the ‘innovations’ I experience. However, using e.g. Second life for teaching would count for me an innovation.


Conole, G. (2010) ‘Week 8 and 9: Designing for learning’ H800 Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates (accessed 27 March 2010).

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