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H809 – Developing a technology timeline (A2.2)

February 10, 2011

An educational technology timeline – interesting topic 8-/

Well, I bought myself I personal computer somewhere 1989 for the price of a small, well almost a middle class car, including these great computer tables an offica chair which I am still using and a needle printer. I even bought myself a colour monitor, although at the time of MS-DOS-3.0 or so and with the programs running on the system, like Word 5.0, or dBase database application, Mulitplan (spreadsheet software) no colour monitor was actually needed, because most programs still used simply a black background and white fonts. Only Framework, a kind of forerunner of Office,had a blue background. Well, before my brother had the famous Commodore 64, although he used it simply for playing.Not sure when the new operation system came on the market?I think Windows NT was around the 1990s and Windows 1995 came out 1995 ;-).

I know the Internet and email took a lot longer, somewhere around early 1990s and I still remember that I was a pretty long time I really had no one to send an email and the internet was pretty static and passive, characteristics of what we call today Web 1.0. 2002 I achieved my so-called Internet assistant certificate with the adult education centre and around this time web shops became pretty famous or that you fill out forms in the internet to join in somewhere. I worked with Apache server, PHP, mySQL to realize this as well a little bit Java script and of course HTML. We also started with Dreamweaver and Fireworks from Macromedia, but soon changed back to the basics.

2004 I get to know VLEs, in this case WebCT and I heard the first time from Moodle, although it took a couple more years until I made my first steps into Moodle. I started 2005 studying with the OU, at this time the OU still used FirstClass as VLE, but first my MAODE study starting 2010 really moved me into the Web 2.0 age. My first blog, podcast, movie, Twitter, Delicious, Google docs, reader, sites, Wave, etc and my Mahara eportfolio. Well, Skype was a little bit earlier.

That’s about my personal technology timeline. My professional timeline looks somehow boring. In my last school I started teaching Office applications already 1996, directly after I finished my teachers training. In my new school post I do not longer teach Office applications, the students in my department do no have any computer lessons at all :/ I know want to introduce a blogging project that I ‘designed’ for H800 as examinable assessment, and see how that develops. Fingers crossed.

Ok, here my educational technology timeline as list.

  • 1989 – my first personal computer
  • 1989 – MS-DOS 3.0, dBASE, Framework
  • 1992 – First MS Office application
  • 1990s – Internet and email
  • 2002 – MySQL, PHP, javascript,
  • 2004 – VLE (WebCT, Moodle)
  • 2005 – studying with the OU
  • 2008 – Skype
  • 2010 – my first blog, podcast, movie on YouTube, presentation in SlideShare, Delicious, eportfolio Mahara, etc
  • 2011 – ?

Next to my personal technology timeline here a couple of links to educational technology  timelines I found doing some research

  • University of Illinois 1. Timeline, 2. Timeline
  • Xtimeline – starts somewhere BC up to 2030
  • Presentation uploaded on myPlick, about educational technology developments
  • Top Ten IT events from 1990 to 2010
  • Major Developments in Instructional Technology during the 2oth century – University Indiana
  • The Instructional Development Timeline site offers information and links to key events, people, and developments that relate to Instructional Technology, Development, Theory, Systems and Design. Pretty interesting 🙂
  • Blog post from David Bradford about development trends with an interesting image.

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  1. Impressive links, Sylvia. Thank you for your extensive research in this activity. The information on the links is very helpful.


  2. Now all is clear, I thank for the information.

  3. спасибо было интересно прочитать

  4. Hi to you all tasting this topic was indeed very exciting , Reflections like this show value whoever reflect this forum:)

  5. I am delighted that I observed this web blog , exactly the right information that I was looking for! .

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