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ClustrMap – my new gadget :-)

February 14, 2011

You really have to love this tool  😀

A while ago I saw this tool at someone else blog and liked it 😎 . I then started some research in ClustrMaps, but was first put off when reading the Legal. Especially this extract: “We own the data on visitors to your web site that we collect, and we provide data to you as a service. You can use the data we provide for any legal purposes. We will use the data in compliance with our privacy policy”, let me reconsider my plan. However, this tool is cool and locating my visitors would be interesting. Therefore I intensified my research and came up with Feedjit. I found out that these suppose to be the two main tools on the market and that they are pretty much comparable. All offer a free version and if you want more features you have to pay a fee.

Finally my decision in favour of ClustrMaps was based on the look & feel. I know not really professional, but many decisions are made because you like what you see. I liked the blue sea as background and the red dots more than the green version from Feedjet, sorry 😉

My concerns how to implement it into my WordPress blog was unfounded as ClustrMaps provided a comprehensive instruction. Since four days I am now the proud owner of this tool and I love it. I know it may sound pathetic, but its pretty funny and motivating to see that people around the world actually visit your blog. Well, it also shows that the OU community is spread all over the world, but that does not really diminish my fun.

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  1. ulli-we permalink

    Hallo Sylvia,
    that’s realy a nice tool.

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