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Happy Valentine’s Day or The day the earth shook

February 14, 2011

I am not really very much in Valentines Day and I think it is pretty much commercialised, however here my

Happy Valentine’s Day wishes.

But the coffee heart is a far as I go 😉

Next to some romantic ‘tremble’ that many people might experience today, did I experience my first earthquake today. Yes, we are talking about West Germany, a place where you really expect earthquakes last. Well, the news report from a moderate earthquake with 4.8-magnitude at 1.43 p.m. local time. However, it was quite an interesting experience sitting in my room studying when the whole house started shaking. I first thought some heavy truck is passing by outside, but that was different, with a lot more power. I can just imagine how it must feel if it would have reached a higher figure on the magnitude scale. I guess than I would have considered it not only as interesting, but scary.

Well, if nothing else at least the earth shook for me 😉

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