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H807 – Innovative practice with elearning (A2.2)

February 15, 2011

Activity 2 already leads to our first assignment were we have to write a report about innovations. We are now asked to have a look at a couple of case studies from the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). JISC: Inspiring innovations – it seems we are on the right place.

According to the course material written by Patrick McAndrew do ‘case studies form an approach where a particular implementation (case) is observed and described (studied). The activity intends to helps us to appreciate the process and value of case studies, and providing us a chance to refine our concept of innovation, and to give us details of interesting work that is seen as innovative’.

The task involves that we look at four (or more) case studies out of 37 and to write at least one blog entry to each case study we consider. We are also asked to read the blogs from other students and comment on their blogs to start a discussion. Sounds pretty interesting and reading in the forum what case studies some of my H807 colleagues want to read sounds pretty interesting, although I hope that some of my peers might choose one of my case studies I intend to read, simply so that I can compare and contrast their summary, ideas and views with mine.

I just downloaded the document and had a brief look at the case studies offered and I am pleased to see that a lot of case studies relate to health care, medicine and/or social sciences, the subject that I teach in my school. That sounds already promising.

Scanning through the list of case studies I ended up already with a lot more cases as we are supposed to do, but I think reading the case studies might reduce the number and some of the studies sound pretty much related, just used in another subject. Here is my top ‘ten’ 😉

  1. Promoting the patient perspective p.9
  2. Accessible online training for Health Care professionals p.14
  3. e-Assessment in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine  p.37 /
    Use of e-assessment in medicine p.182
  4. Use of e-portfolios to develop a reflective approach in medicine p.131 /
    Use of e-portfolios in Social Sciences p. 151/
    Use of e-portfolios to support nursing and midwifery p.190 /
    Use of e-portfolios and blogging in Teacher Education p.199
  5. Disability support in computer-based assessment p.147
  6. A team-based approach to developing e-resources p.186

Case studies about Moodle and podcast sounds interesting, too but I am not really into the offered subjects.

Well, let’s start reading first and see with which case studies I finally end up.


JISC (2008) Exploring Tangible Benefits of e-Learning: Does Investment Yield Interest? [online], (Accessed 15 February 2011).

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  1. Hi Again, Sylvia. Just catching up with the reading – as you know I missed a few weeks! I am absolutely not at all surprised that out of 40 odd Case Studies from which we had to choose 4, we both chose the same 4…

    I only hope you don’t think I’m ‘following like a puppy’, as I accused my husband yesterday. You see, he was following me back and forth, between the kitchen and the brewery (OK, the cupboard under the stairs) as I was carrying clean bottles through – and not once did either of us think to pile some bottles into his arms to make his journeys useful!! However, I think we do find each other’s journeys useful – thank you again!!!

    • Ooh, ooh, I just used another metaphor. I can’t help myself now we’re studying it. Oh no – that’s H800 not H807 – I get so confused!

    • Hallo Kate,

      you know what they say with computers ‘never change a running system’. Considering us as a ‘running system’ or better to say good working team, not to day dream team 😉 and also considering our mutual MAODe journey so far, I think it is just natural that we have a couple case studies in common, bye the way looking at your blog I just figured out that we have only two case studies in common – the case study with the disability support and the use of e-portfolios and blogging in teacher education.

      Bye the way your decision against Germany was a good one, it snowed again here in Rhineland which is not really know for having a lot of snow, and we have freezing temperatures. No prospect of spring sof far 😦 . I really need to consider a job change, of course only to a warmer place 😉

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